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Conceivably, if this suggestion is correct, the horse could have been cut on the shallower slope at the top of the hill in order to be seen from above by the god himself.

Once every seven years from at least 1677 until the late 18th century a midsummer ‘scouring festival’ was held, during which the local people cleaned the chalk outline of the horse and enjoyed a three-day celebratory feast within the hillfort.

Initially believed to date back to the Iron Age due to similar images found depicted on coins from that period, more recent dating by the Oxford Archaeological Unit placed the hill figure in the Bronze Age, some 3000 years ago.

Our view of wonders like this is clouded by our belief that we are modern and smart while they are primitive and simple, that's just our ego, they were as smart and complex as we are.The horse is only part of the unique complex of ancient remains that are found at White Horse Hill and beyond, spreading out across the high chalk downland.To the east of the Manger lies Dragon Hill, a low flat-topped mound. George, England's patron saint, slew the dragon, its blood spilling on the hilltop and leaving forever a bare white patch where no grass can grow. The horse, which can only be viewed from above or from an adjacent plateau in the distance, is unique in its features and this leads some to believe it represents the mythical dragon that St.If you build a temple to your god today, even in a dogmatic suppressive society, the man next door may not share your fervor, may even laugh behind your back.When it is stated that things were constructed for a specific reason, remember that was one man's reason, not everyones.

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