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Liquidating store

We do not have any special requirements for anyone to order from us.

One great way to launch a new business is to buy liquidation goods at bargain basement prices that you can resell for a profit.Liquidation sales can offer great deals to consumers hunting for a bargain, but be careful.Indianapolis-based consumer electronics retailer HHGregg last week became the latest chain to announce a giant liquidation sale.Get the contact information and place a call, or send an email; if you don’t get a response, or it just doesn’t “feel” right, move on.Check other websites for reviews about the online merchants you’re considering. In short, check them all out to make sure you don’t get a bum deal. Just as important, know how much you plan to buy; depending on your supplier, you may be able to buy as little as one case or may be required to buy dozens of entire pallets. Are you buying from them directly, or working through a receiver?

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Thankfully, there are lots of opportunities to find other businesses who are looking to cash out and unload inventory at pennies on the dollar. First, check out the Internet for websites that will lead you to reputable liquidation wholesalers.