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Someone has an old Lawson Screen Products called a Nova that we use to expose our screens.The CD/L-900 bulbs are stocked far away if stocked at all and we're wondering if there might be a way to 'update' the unit to allow for screw-in type bulbs that we can find at certain specialty hardware stores in a nearby town. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.So, I suspect that there is some sort of incompatibility with my machine and the current version of Pay Window. I'm comfortable with the Windows Registry if it comes to that. Bruce I'm guessing the Window may have been shifted out of site.After clicking on Transactions from the Quick Launch at the Top of Pay Window on the main menu click on Window and then Cascade. The window is there, the problem is that the program is hung up and CPU is running at 12% for a really long time. I suspect there is something in my system that Pay Window depends on. Although it is possible, I doubt this is a rookie mistake.Paul, I did everything you suggested and I still have the trouble. I also repaired every installation of every Microsoft or other software that I had installed after the last time I had Pay Window working normally (build 15.0.. Because 15.0.9 worked on another computer with the same data and 15.0.9 does not work on my main computer (even with a blank dataset), I'm reasonably convinced that the problem is some incompatibility with software on my system or some corruption of my system.

Can you tell me how to update the source copy of sierra or does it matter that the source and destination copies of sierra are running on different releases.

I uninstalled Pay Window, downloaded a new copy from the ZPay site, and reinstalled it.

I did not need to provide any information to activate or point to my data (it seemed to know all -- nice).

That something is likely screwed up and I need to reinstall the something. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Pay Window several times and it continues to hang up when I start the Transaction Window. It is a bit scrambled for a while and then it may appear if I wait long enough; but, it is practically unresponsive and the CPU REMAINS at 12% for a really long time. I'd appreciate some insight on what the Transaction window is doing that the others do not do so that I can figure out what needs fixing.

When the problem occurs, CPU for paywin.exe*32 jumps to 12% and seems to stay there for a really long time.

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Restart the computer and one by one shut down all background applications and test Pay Window to see if you can pin it down.